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Family-owned by a

local firefighter

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Value, performance, and consistency


The Pyro Salesman Interactive Video Playback System.

Come and scan any barcode on our fireworks and instantly see a video of what it does!

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Thank you for your service!

We're open for:

✓ Memorial Day
✓ Diwali

✓ July 4th

✓ New Year's Eve

A Few Of Our Favorite Products

Cosmic Titan

Beautiful color display of white glitter mines to: Red comets, Green comets, Golden comets, Blue comets, Purple comets interspersed with breaking volleys of Green glitter mines to red and green peony with crackling, Whistles, and White and red glitter mine to red and yellow dahlia with crackling.

Tropical Chaos

Beautiful display of zig zag barrages of bright Red, blue, green, purple and orange comets with White glitter tails to Silver crackling tail; Ending with a double finale of Golden silk willow & blue stars and red glitter and Golden silk willow with red, lemon and orange stars.

Pride of Texas

All shots start with with white glitter to: Red and blue bouquet with glitter; Purple, yellow and blue bouquet with glitter, Stage whistle, Brocade crown with glitter, Brocade crown with green glitter, Red glitter with fish, Red and green palm with glitter, Purple and green palm with glitter, Glitter, Blue bouquet with red and green falling leaves, Brocade crown with glitter.

Holy Moly

Silver wave to red, green, yellow and purple.

No Trespassing

Brocade crown to white glitter, and Brocade crown to dragon eggs.

Original Gangster

Chrysanthemum mine to: Red & chrysanthemum, Green & chrysanthemum, Blue & chrysanthemum, Lemon & chrysanthemum, Double chrysanthemum, Red, green, blue and lemon with double long crackling & chrysanthemum.

Lightning Snaps

Perfect for night! This is a new bright white super titanium snapper. More noise and more light than your typical snapper. It's lightning!

Happy 49

Red and green stars with time rain.

Our Top-quality Brands


zWe stopped by Pat Riot’s Fireworks a few years ago and now it’s the only place we get our fireworks every year. They have a great selection and very helpful and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Jenni P.

Amazing spot! Great prices and really friendly and super helpful customer service; you can’t go wrong!

Andrew P.

Great prices and lots of different variety of fireworks! Conveniently located off the highway. Very friendly staff. Will be back next year!

Ashley E.

Texas Fireman's Fireworks McKinney, TX

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